11 Tips on How to Find Lost Arrows

Archery is an expensive sport that requires a lot of patience and practice before you become a pro. During your practice, it is possible to lose several arrows. The arrows are not cheap, and thus losing them may end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Knowing how to find a lost arrow is the best thing that can happen to you as a learner. Here are a few tips on how to find lost arrows that will help make your training less expensive for you.

1. Take Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your arrows with you is to avoid losing them in the first place. Taking a few steps before shooting may help you ensure that you do not lose your arrows. If you practice on your land, you can take some preventive measures to avoid losing your arrows.

Look for a cliff or steep drop and clear up the area before you begin your shooting exercise. The cliff edge will act as a backdrop and prevent the arrows from traveling too far if you do not hit the target. You can also set your archery backstop. It will help you practice without the worries of losing your arrows.

2. Use Illuminated or Bright Nocks

If you are practicing in low-light conditions, you can try to buy illuminating nocks. Since the nocks are almost weightless, they will not affect the balance of the arrow. Once you shoot the arrow, it will automatically turn on the illuminating nock. It will then be easy for you to trace the arrow with the light. The mechanism works very well during nighttime, but you can also use it during the day. If you lose the arrow, you can wait till evening, and the LED light will help you trace it.

3. Retrace the Shot

Soon after missing your target, drop the bow and walk past your target in a straight line. Once you pass a short distance past your target, stop. Turn around and look at where your bow is lying. You will be sure that your arrow is somewhere between where you are standing and the bow. The technique helps in minimizing the search area, and that will help you get your arrow faster.

4. Look Up; Don’t only Focus on the Ground

It is not that the arrow must land on the ground all the time. It is also essential to look up to see whether it could be entangled up in leaves and branches. And it could also get stuck on the side of a tree. So when you cannot trace it on the ground, look everywhere. Try even on leaves or anywhere around the target.

5. Use a Metal Detector

The field points of your arrow are metallic, and so you can use a metal detector to help you detect the arrow. Once you grab the detector, you only need to walk at the line where you were shooting. The metal detector will make some noise when you are near the arrow because of the metal point. Although it may cost you some money to buy the detector, it is one of the easiest ways of saving your arrows.

6. Grab a Rake

You can also use a rake to find a lost arrow that is buried in the grass. All you need is to rake the area where you suspect your arrow should be lying. As you pull along the grass, it will also pull your arrow when you come across it. Although it is not a very technical way of looking for your arrow, it works. You can thus use it to trace your lost arrow.

7. Barefoot Method

Another way of finding your lost arrow is to walk along the area with bare feet. Although this method is not very practical because you may not step in every part of the field, it works. When you walk barefoot on the area around your target, you are sure to feel the arrow with your feet. But for your own safety, you’d better not go looking for broadheads barefoot because you can easily cut up your foot.

8. Use another Arrow

If you do not have a metal detector, you can use another arrow to help you trace the lost one. It may look like a straightforward process, but it can work for you. Once you shoot and miss the target, stand right behind it to begin your search. Consider how far the arrow could move to the left or right. You need to use the distance you estimate and walk along it moving the other arrow to scrape the ground. The arrow will most likely hit the other arrow, and you hear the click.

9. Use an Arrow Catcher

An arrow catcher is an instrument that you position behind the target. It helps to hold the arrows once you miss the target. It is something like a net or carpet, and it works very well to help you not lose your arrows. The arrow will hit the arrow catcher after missing the target and stick on it. If you have a permanent place for your practice, it will help you set up the arrow catcher permanently. It will save you the agony of losing your arrows every time you are practicing.

10. Enlist Some Helpers

If you have people around you, you can ask them to help you trace your arrows. Some people use rewards to motivate young children to help find the arrow. It helps cover the area faster when you are doing it with other people than when alone. It is exciting for kids to comb the area and look for the arrows. Whether you give them rewards or offer to train them to shoot also, they will get you your lost arrows within no time.

11. Train Your Dog

Dogs are good learners, and they will do what you train them to do. One of the best ways of spotting your lost arrow is using your dog. Once you train it, it will be more than willing to help you. One of the best ways of using your dog is to apply a scent on ten arrows. The dog will use the scent to find the arrow within no time. Although it may take you some time training the dog, it will be a great help to you once it understands what to do.

However, there are times no matter what; you will still not get your arrow. That happens to both learners and experienced archers. If that happens to you, it should be a learning point. Find out what you did wrong, and with time, you will find that you do not lose your arrows so much. Even when you lose them, finding them will also not be hard for you.