15 Best Crossbow Bolts To Buy In 2023

Best Crossbow Bolts

The number of crossbow hunters is increasing day by day, and I know you are one of them. Maybe you have a good crossbow, but you possibly do not know what kind of bolts are perfect for your bow. Worry not, for the majority of starters are just like you. They all yearn to be great hunters, but choosing the ideal crossbow bolt for hunting or target shooting becomes a challenge.

This article is all about giving you unbiased crossbow bolt reviews so that you can easily choose what matches your specific crossbow. You’ll also find that some crossbow bolts are better adapted to certain use cases than others. Read on to find out your ideal bolt.

15 Best Crossbow Bolt Reviews for 2023

1. Barnett 16075: Great for Target Shooting and Field Practice

Barnett 16075

Weighing just one ounce per arrow, the Barnet 16075 comes in a pack of five. Each crossbow arrow measures 20 inches long, which is just fine with bows like the Raptor FX3, Wildcat C-5, and Penetrator, among others that can accommodate a 20-inch arrow.

Each arrow weighs 1 ounce, enough to make these improved wall thickness arrows an ideal lightweight option. It gets better now that the 100-grain point works well with the arrow’s weight to deliver extreme accuracy and maximum penetration.

The shafts are made from carbon fiber, a material popular for lightweight high-strength feature combinations. You can rest assured that the shaft won’t snap when pressed, but I wouldn’t do that!

Notable Features

  • 20-inch long arrows
  • 100-grain, 13.78 grain/inch points
  • Moon nocks
  • Field point – 24F

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  • Arrows remain very straight during flight.
  • The lightweight nature allows the arrows to fly true.
  • The improved wall thickness and carbon fiber shaft make the arrows strong and durable.
  • And the red and orange fletchings make it easy to locate the arrows in bushes or tall grass.
  • Tips often get stuck when you fire the bolts.
  • They are quite expensive.

2. Carbon Express PileDriver: Editor’s Choice

Carbon Express PileDriver

Do you always want to make the ultimate kill? Chances are that you want to be confident in your gear, including the crossbow bolt you want to use. The 20/22-inch Carbon Express Carbon Crossbolt is designed for better penetration, giving you the confidence to hunt bigger prey.

The heavy grain construction gives the arrow more momentum when shot. The momentum translates to a higher kinetic energy transfer on impact. If you don’t kill the prey (which would be rare within the right range), you’ll surely knock it down.

The state-of-the-art build optimizes the spine construction to provide consistent accuracy. Even with repeated use, the composite component will weather repeated use far better than most other bolts. Accuracy is further enhanced by the precision of a mere +/-0.004 inches, which gives the bolts real straightness.

The bolts are fletched with 4-inch vanes, and 6 set universal flat nocks are also provided. These shooting tips are handy when practicing, for they won’t penetrate the target.


  • 20″ or 22″ length
  • 442-grain weight
  • Flat nocks
  • 4″ vanes

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  • Ideal weight for optimum penetration.
  • Comes with both types of nocks.
  • High accuracy courtesy of the weight and real straightness.
  • High precision and consistency on repeat shooting.
  • The bolt is a few millimeters short of 20 inches.
  • The fletchings do not last long as expected.

3. Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrows: Best Built

Carbon Express Maxima

Having considerable control of the arrow release can distinguish an experienced archer from a newbie. The Carbon Express Maxima bolt comes with the Launchpad precision nocks. After shooting the arrow, the impeccable shaft alignment adds to consistent accuracy.

Accuracy is further enhanced by the extreme straightness achieved by the use of a laser. The variance in straightness is just down to a tune of +/-0.0025 inches. Evidently, this is not your average bolt.

The Carbon Express Maxima bolt is still an ideal option if you have broadheads. The dynamic spine control is infused with high-strength carbon fiber material allowing the broadheads to fly exceptionally.

To sum it up, the 31.5″ length, 8.11 GPI and a 0.417″ spine make the crossbow one of the best you can learn to train shooting. You get a matched (red and black) set of six bolts, adding to the uniqueness and the class that these bolts exhibit in the field.


  • 31.5″ length
  • Size-250
  • 0.417 spine
  • Pack of 6

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  • Ideal weight and length for longer and more accurate shots.
  • Dynamic spine control allows more influence and allows use with broadheads.
  • Above-average straightness means higher accuracy.
  • A launchpad precision nock ensures a controlled release boosting overall consistency on accuracy.
  • The fletchings are not as durable.

4. BloodSport Bloodhunter: Best Crossbow Bolts for Deer Hunting & Smaller Game

BloodSport Bloodhunter

Without the broadheads and field points, the BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow weighs 325 grains and comes in a pack of six. The color mix (black and red) makes the package more interesting outdoors. This is not to mention that these are the ideal bolts for hunters-cum-shooters.

Accuracy and precision are a top priority for the BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts, courtesy of the fly true and weight combination. The bolts are made of lightweight aluminum metal, which is strong enough to endure daily rough use.

Straightness allows a more streamlined flight, which is why the +/-03003 straightness tolerance allows the bolt to fly with a little air resistance as possible. You can shoot the arrow from a high-speed crossbow, but if you only have the 150-lb type, you’ll still get a fair shot.


  • 20″ length
  • 325-grain weight
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Bras inserts and moon nocks

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  • High accuracy due to fly true and a small straightness tolerance.
  • Made of high-strength aluminum to weather daily rough use.
  • Fairly reusable.
  • Can work with various bow sizes.
  • The labeling on the package is sometimes misleading.

5. REEGOX Bio: Best Crossbow Bolts for Beginners and Youth Hunters

REEGOX Crossbow Bolt

The REEGOX Bio 20-inch crossbow bolts with 4-inch Vanes are arguably one of the most cost-effective, and easily usable by newbies to train. The bolts are strikingly optimized for speed, kinetic energy, and accuracy, allowing hunting learners to train as hard as possible.

Any beginner is bound to subject a bolt to rough handling. For such, the REEGOX crossbow bolts are exceptionally hardened to weather continuous use and abuse. They come in 20-inch lengths, just like most bolts in the market today. The 20″ length is also compatible with both crossbows and Xbows.

Sometimes an accessory may be damaged, requiring you to take the bolt apart. For such situations, the standard point and the insert, and the half-moon nock can be easily taken apart to repair whichever damaged component.


  • Moon nocks
  • 16″/18″/20″ length
  • 12 pack
  • Standard point

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  • Very cost-effective considering the features.
  • The tough materials allow the bolts to be used across a range of environments without much damage.
  • The standard nock and other accessories allow easy removal for repairs.
  • Compatible with many crossbows and Xbows.
  • Sometimes the nock could be missing r detached from the bolt.

6. Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows

Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows

The Excalibur Diablo arrows are specifically designed for use in the latest Matrix Series Crossbows. With these Excalibur arrows, you don’t have to worry that you will miss your target. This is because it has a heavier front insert that increases the front-center weight, thus improving the accuracy.

These arrows are designed for compact recurve crossbows. They are lightweight, weighing just 352 grains, making them a fine choice for field practice and hunting small and medium-sized animals. They are also fitted with easily replaceable screw tips. Diablo arrows feature a flatback insert for reliable string contact. That means you won’t be needing nocks, and with the flat nock, it doesn’t matter how you put them on you. The flat nocks in it are threaded to use special Excalibur arrow pullers that pull the arrows out of the target.


  • 18″ length
  • They have 2″ vanes
  • Weight of 352 grains
  • It comes in a pack of 6
  • Dimensions of 22x3x3″

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  • They fly straight, making them very accurate.
  • They have a more reliable string contact due to the flat back insert.
  • The crossbow bolts are very durable.
  • You can fit them with fixed-blade or mechanical broadheads.
  • Varying colors of fletching.

7. M.A.K 30″ Crossbow Bolt

M.A.K Crossbow Bolt

These M.A.K. crossbow bolts are designed with carbon fiber shafts and tips made with nickel-plated stainless steel. That alone assures you of durability and accuracy. It is lightweight makes it perfect for practice with beginners, amateurs, and not forgetting hunting enthusiasts.

The M.A.K. arrow nocks are half-moon-shaped and suitable with many crossbows, including the Barnett and CenterPoint. They also feature two different colored arrow vanes; a blue and a white one.

These arrow vanes help the arrow maintain a good balance even in extreme weather conditions. So it hits right straight to the target even at 70 yards away, which is the reason why this crossbow bolt has so many positive reviews from its users.

The M.A.K. Mixed Carbon Arrow also has removable tips to make archery practice and hunting much more fun. In case of any dissatisfaction with the arrows, the manufacturers provide a warranty and a refund service.


  • 30-inch length
  • 12 Pack
  • 20-inch carbon fiber shaft
  • TPU 4″ vanes

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  • Durable, Accurate, and Lightweight
  • Good quality and low price.
  • The arrows fly straight to the target.
  • Easy to find in grass, trees, and dirt.
  • Nocks might easily break when fired.

8. Ravin R138 Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Ravin R138 Carbon Crossbow Bolts

If you love it extremely quiet in the jungle, then this Ravin R138 Crossbow Bolt is all you need. Designed to be quiet and hard-hitting, these bolts are also magnificent in speed, accuracy, and kinetic energy.

The bolts are made of premium carbon fiber to withstand rough use and last longer. The lightweight carbon fiber material is further enfaced with inserts to give a total weight of 400 grains. This weight, combined with a high speed, increases the momentum and the hard-hitting nature of these arrows.

Although the package doesn’t include field points, aluminum nock bushings, and brass inserts are also included. Before packaging, each bolt is laser checked to ascertain that the straightness is within the required 0.003″ tolerance.


  • 400-grain weight
  • Aluminum nock bushings
  • Brass inserts
  • Carbon fiber shafts

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  • High accuracy and stopping power.
  • Strong carbon fiber construction ensures durability.
  • Very quiet during flight.
  • Designed to work with Ravin crossbows only.

9. ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow Bolt

ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow Bolt

Available in a pack of 12, the ANTSIR 20″ Crossbow Bolts feature high-grade carbon fiber shafts for repeated use. The carbon fiber is sturdy enough to resist bending even after rough use. Given that each shaft is 20″ and 28g heavy, the 125- grain insert brings the desired balance of accuracy, speed, and penetration. If that sounds like what you prefer, this is one bolt you should try out.

The ANTSIR crossbow bolt has a standard point, insert, and nock. When it’s time for repair, you can take the components apart with absolute ease.

The bolts are exquisitely distinguished by black half-moon nocks, two blue feathers, and a white one so that they can be easily identified in the jungle. This visibility, and the high speed/accuracy, allow the bolts to be shot from a long distance without risking losing the arrow or missing your target.


  • Carbon fiber shafts
  • 20″ length
  • 12 pack
  • 4″ vanes
  • Black half-moon nocks

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  • Provides superior accuracy and penetration.
  • A strong carbon fiber shaft resists bending.
  • Blue and white vanes are easily visible in the wild.
  • It can be accurately shot through a long range.
  • The inserts may sometimes come off and get lost.

10. Black Eagle Executioner

Black Eagle Executioner

Available in three lengths (18″/20″/22″), the Black Eagle Executioner crossbow bolts are designed to give you the optimum performance you could possibly need. The bolts are designed to bring a good match of speed, accuracy, and kinetic energy. The fletched bolts are also slim, adding to the final taste of a truly premium bolt.

These bolts have some brass inserted into the bolt carefully to increase the weight. With more weight comes more momentum. The high momentum is responsible for improved accuracy and a longer time of flight. If you prefer taking down your targets at a longer range, then the Black Eagle Arrows/Bolts should be part of your gear.

The press-fitted nocks are harder than the glued ones you find in most other bolts. Ultimately, the harder the nock, the more durable it is, and vice versa.

All the 18″ bolts have 92 grains of brass metal carefully inserted, while the 20″ bolts have extra 110 grains of brass. The variance in weight is proportional to the length, providing balanced reliability across the three-bolt lengths.


  • 18/20/22″ length
  • 2″ Blazer Vanes for 18″ fletched arrows
  • 3″ Bohning X vanes for 20″ and 22″ fletched arrows
  • Press fitted nocks

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  • High kinetic energy, speed, and accuracy.
  • The 20″ and 22″ shafts have vanes for higher accuracy.
  • Inserted brass increases weight and thus kinetic energy during flight.
  • Both half-moon and flat nocks.
  • Press-fitted nocks are stronger.
  • Fletches are sometimes misaligned.

11. Easton XX75 Magnum Bolt

Easton XX75 Magnum Bolt

The Easton XX75 bolts are perfect for people who hunt high-density targets like deer. You can use them on multiple high-density targets without them breaking. They are made with an aluminum alloy, making them reliable and durable. You can use the bolts with high-powered crossbows to deliver a lethal blow to your targets.

The bolts come with half-moon nocks and inserts installed for easy mounting of a broad head as you head out. Easton states the inserts are installed on the bolts, but that’s not always the case when the package arrives.

Overall, the 20″ bolts are perfect for both male and female hunters looking for reliable hunting bolts. You will get high accuracy during downward range shots and work well with a 300 fps modern crossbow. The Easton XX75 magnum bolts are a favorite option for people who have over 10yrs hunting experience.

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  • Reliable and durable.
  • Simple to use.
  • Made with aluminum alloy.
  • They have a high impact.
  • Lightweight.
  • The inserts aren’t installed.

12. Tenpoint XX75 Magnum

Tenpoint XX75 Magnum Bolt

Tenpoint XX75 Magnum bolts are excellent for hunting deer and other large animals during hunting seasons. They are compatible with modern high-powered crossbows, including 300fps and 350-fps ones. The bolts are made of aluminum and are pretty reliable when you are out in the field.

A pack contains three bolts that come with Superbrite Neon-Orange Omni-Nocks. You can shoot precisely with a speed loss of only 7.6% for fifty yards. The description makes it seem like you can use the bolts for crossbows requiring Alpha-Nock arrows, which isn’t the case.

You can choose the color of your vanes, depending on the colors in stock. Fletching has bright colors that make it easy to identify bolts for reloads. Overall, you will be able to hit your targets each time with high accuracy. Moreover, you will be getting value for your money because you won’t be replacing the bolts after one hunting season.

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  • High accuracy.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • It is made of aluminum.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in multiple vane colors.
  • Fletching colors are confusing.
  • It is misleading about compatibility with Alpha-Nock.

13. TenPoint Pro Elite 400

TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrows

The bolts use Alpha-Nock technology and are ideal for Tenpoint or Wicked Ridge crossbows. A pack includes three Pro Elite bolts. TenPoint Pro Elite 400 crossbow bolts are 20 inches long, and they are made out of carbon, which is lightweight. Tenpoint focused on the Nock creation to increase accuracy and ensure that the arrow travels in a straight trajectory.

The Alpha-Nock has a deeper drawstring groove to hold the bowstring in place as you aim. A broad radius base keeps the string in place until you release the arrow. It travels on a straight trajectory to the target.

All the components that the manufacturer uses in constructing the bolts are the best in the market. Features work together to give you the best results when hunting wild animals. Shafts are inspected for straightness within .003 accuracy.

They are unisex bolts and compatible with various high-powered crossbows. The one downside is that they are expensive. It is understandable considering the high-tech features that Alpha-Nock bolts possess. Overall, it is hard to miss your target when using the Tenpoint Pro Elite 400 Bolts.

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  • An LED-lighted Alpha-Nock system.
  • High accuracy.
  • Quality and durability.
  • Compatible with high-powered crossbows.
  • A deep bowstring groove.
  • They are expensive.
  • Customers sometimes get a 3-pack instead of a 6-pack.

14. Victory Crossbow Bolts

Victory Crossbow Bolts

A pack contains six bolts that have lighted nocks for follow-up after the shooting. The Victory crossbow bolts are made using 100% carbon fiber, making them lightweight. They have brass insets that enable downrange accuracy and penetration. The Extreme Front of Center measurements increase the odds of hitting your targets.

Each bolt comes with a half-moon nock, which is lighted with a red LED light. You can’t replace the light batteries, but you can replace the lights when they don’t function. You can follow the light to see if you hit your target. The light will guide you to the location of the arrow when you miss it.

There are various colors of vanes to choose from, depending on the colors available in stock. You can use the bolts with different crossbows compatible with Omni-Nock. They do not work well with Barnett crossbows because the crossbow can’t release the arrows. Another downside is you will have to pay for your returns if you don’t like the bolts. Overall, the bolts are great accessories when they are compatible with your crossbow.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Accurate on downrange.
  • Compatible with various crossbows.
  • Lighted nocks.
  • Uses Omni-nocks.
  • Returns are a hassle.
  • Not full refund for returns.

15. TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Alpha-Brite Carbon Arrows

TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Alpha-Brite Carbon Arrows

The TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch crossbow bolts are made using high-modulus carbon fibers at 33 MSI (million pounds per square inch). They are 20 inches long and are inspected for straightness to within .001 inches. It comes with a deep bowstring groove on the nock, which ensures a straight trajectory. The bolts can increase your accuracy by 25% because of the straightness inspection.

A lighted nock is added at the end, and it activates when you release the arrow from a crossbow. It makes it easy to see whether you hit the target and to track errant arrows. The carbon finish increases the strength of the arrows by 40%. You can use them for hunting high-density wild game without worrying that they will break.

A pack includes three bolts and three molded Alpha-Nocks. They are suitable for both female and male hunters. Overall, the TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch bolts will change your whole hunting experience. They are premium-quality arrows that offer high-performance and outstanding results in the field.

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  • Sturdy and durable.
  • High-accuracy shots.
  • Lighted nocks.
  • A deep bowstring nock.
  • Delivery issues.


At this point, you have discovered what crossbow bolts are most suitable for your specific needs. Apart from your taste and budget, the best crossbow bolt depends on a couple of other factors. Some are even better for learning, while others are best with skilled long-range hunters. Ensure you pick the bolt that suits the purpose. If you are a novice, it is necessary to read our comprehensive guide on how to choose a crossbow bolt for hunting before purchasing. For other questions, you can leave a comment below.