15 Best Crossbow Broadhead Reviews for 2022

Best Crossbow Broadheads

Choosing a good crossbow broadhead is one of the best things you can do for hunting. Although they are still impressive today, crossbows are still an impressive piece of technology used for hunting or sport. But if you have put a lot of money into your crossbow and want it to perform well, you need a great broadhead. Depending on the kind of hunter you are, you may care about aesthetics, materials, effectiveness, or any other area more than other areas of the broadhead. In this article, we are going to cover 15 of the best crossbow broadheads and tell you what kind of value you’re getting.

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15 Best Crossbow Broadheads in 2022

1. Rage Crossbow X: Best Broadhead for Crossbow over 400 FPS

Rage Crossbow X

Rage as a brand makes some of the most accurate broadheads for hunting that money can buy. These broadheads in particular have a level of craftsmanship that’s almost unparalleled to what you get in your typical shop. The tip of the broadhead uses a steel tip to pierce wherever the crossbow along with two steel blades to dig into whatever you’re hunting. The retractable blades also allow you to adjust for when you want to change the size of what you’re hunting. They also come in two different grains which are 100 and 125-grain respectively. This is ultimately a great choice for people who are experienced.

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  • One of the most accurate broadheads on the market.
  • Retractable blades that allow you to adjust to the size of your hunt.
  • A steel tip that allows the broadhead to penetrate most surfaces.
  • Comes in 100 or 125 to adjust for the activity the hunter will do.
  • An expensive price for the customer to only get 3 tips.
  • Hard to take advantage of as a newcomer.

2. NAP Spitfire: Best Mechanical Broadhead for Deer Hunting

NAP Spitfire

These tips look a bit more typical for what the average crossbow bolt would use. There are a lot of small details that help to differentiate it, but the familiarity is nice for veterans. They only come in 100 grain, which is a bit more typical for people who haven’t been using crossbows as much. The broadheads also have cutting blades on the sides so that they’re able to consistently dig into whatever bolt gets shot. There are also some micro groves so that the shooter has a better grip when putting the broadheads on the bolts.

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  • Cheaper price than much of the competition that’s out there.
  • Has 4 edges per broadhead, allowing for more penetration per shot.
  • Has micro-grooves so the broadheads are easier to pick up.
  • Comes in 100 grain which is one of the most used models.
  • Comes with practice heads so you can prepare for a sport.
  • One of the cheaper feeling models in terms of materials.

3. Swhacker Cut Broadhead: Best Two-Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Swhacker Cut Broadhead

This broadhead is very thin which also leads to some of the sharper tips that you’ll find on average. On top of this, the broad tip has one of the best material combinations to penetrate harder surfaces. Specifically, the Swhacker 100 grain broadhead uses carbon steel to be able to go through just about anything it touches. The blades use stainless steel which is a solid choice for a broadhead that wants to retain its look as much as possible. The tips have a bit of a militaristic look to them, which goes pretty well for any outdoor gear or outfit you have brought to you to the outdoors.

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  • Uses carbon steel which is one of the most durable kinds of metal you can buy.
  • The grey and yellow go well and match with any outdoor outfit you can find.
  • Incredibly sharp to the point where it can pierce almost any surface.
  • Uses steel blades on the sides to dig into wherever the broadhead gets shot.
  • Only comes in 100 grain, which leaves out the hunters who use 125 grain.
  • Requires a lot of force to open.

4. Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead: Best Mechanical Broadhead for Bowhunting

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead

This particular broadhead has less of the typical look you are used to when you see these on the market. This one is completely steel with two blades on the side. Rage has once again created a broadhead capable of some of the best accuracy you can find on the market. Unlike other products, you’ll see this is one of the most affordable options you can find on the market. There are replacement broadheads made for this particular model however those come separately.

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  • Simple design that makes the tip very easy to point out.
  • Strong materials along with being very sharp to pierce objects that you shoot.
  • Has the best technology that creates accurate broadheads to shoot.
  • The two blades on the side cut in deep to whatever you happen to be hunting.
  • Lasts for a long time before you ever have to get the broadheads sharpened.
  • One of the best value prices on the market.
  • Doesn’t come with replacement or practice broadheads which is an industry-standard.

5. NAP Killzone: Best Aluminum Crossbow Broadhead

NAP Killzone

The NAP Killzone broadhead has a bit of a mechanical look to it, which is pretty different when compared to a lot of the competition you’ll find on the market. Many of them will have a metal look while having a steel or carbon fiber point on the tip. This tip in particular is 100 grain and is a bit on the thicker end of being .039 in diameter. The diameter combined with the blades is 2 inches wide which is going to do more damage and tougher surfaces. This Killzone broadhead pack also uses the 125 grain along with replacement blades for when the main ones aren’t useful anymore.

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  • Has some of the widest diameters that you’ll see in a broadhead.
  • Comes in 100 grain as well as 125 grain for bolts.
  • Comes with replacement blades for when you don’t have a use for your main broadheads.
  • Made for crossbows up to 400 FPS.
  • Spring blade clip is able to keep the blades retracted while flying.
  • One of the most expensive prices you’ll pay for broadheads at $41.38.

6. Slick Trick: Best Crossbow Broadhead for Elk Hunting

Slick Trick

Slick Trick has broadheads that you need to set up yourself which can be a problem if you aren’t that familiar with the process. Though, at the same time, these are some of the strongest tips that are available on the market. If you use a crossbow with enough power, it can even split bones. These tips use 125 grain, which are is great, but also leaves out the people who want to use 100 grain. The Ferrule is made out of Super Steel, which is going to allow the blades to pierce many different hard surfaces.

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  • Uses steel and other metals to make a strong broadhead.
  • Comes with two broadheads as well as two practice broadheads.
  • Has great durability to keep using over and over without deterioration.
  • Hemorrhaging makes hunting a lot quicker and less messy than what other broadheads would be.
  • Incredible blade lock system.
  • Has one of the smallest diameters for a broadhead at 1 and 1/16 inches.
  • Some reported that they only got 3 broadheads when 4 were advertised.

7. Grim Reaper: One of Top-rated X-Bow Mechanical Broadheads

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper X-bow broadhead is one of the best models for high-speed crossbows. The thinner design makes it so that there’s less friction again the air and has a more accurate shot on its target. It uses 100 grain which is going to leave the 125-grain users out, but it will serve more people. The broadhead uses 3 blades that retract when it hasn’t been shot. The blades make it easier for the bolts to stay in position as they pierce the target. Nothing that you hit with these bolts is going to be moving for much longer when you get a solid shot with these best broadheads.

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  • Can be accurate with targets up to 100 yards.
  • Optimized for the fastest shooting crossbows you can get.
  • The thinner design keeps air friction you may experience at a minimum.
  • The 3 blade broadhead design creates smoother shots for what you’re hunting.
  • Uses stainless steel which is similar to many arrow tips.
  • One of the most expensive options on the market.
  • Only made in 100 grain, leaving out the people who would want to use 125 grain.

8. G5 Outdoors Montec: Best Fixed Broadhead for Crossbows

G5 Outdoors Montec

These G5 Outdoors Montec broadheads come in 100 grain as well as 125 grain which is becoming rarer as time goes on. Unlike a lot of other broadheads, you may see. These don’t require any components to maintain as you use them. That also means there’s no need for replacements as you use the bolts that you pair them with. The design is a bit dull, but that’s fine since it’s able to perform its actual function very well. For what you get out of them, these broadheads are a great value for what hunters are going to get out of them.

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  • Comes in 100 grain as well as 125 grain to service differing weights of bolts.
  • For the most part, bolts don’t need to be replaced or maintained as you use them.
  • Great value for the price you are paying.
  • The angle of the blades allows it to easily be resharpened.
  • Is able to be suited for just about every crossbow that a hunter would use.
  • Boring design that leaves it looking too similar to other crossbows you may see.

9. Excalibur Boltcutter: Best Fixed Broadhead for Fast Crossbow

Excalibur Boltcutter

The Excalibur Boltcutter was specifically made to penetrate living things or surfaces that are a lot harder than other surfaces. It is noticeably a lot thicker than other bolts that you may end up using which is good or bad depending on your situation. Despite the difference in weight, these bolts cost about the same as what you would pay for 100 grain or 125 grain. The front of the broadhead is a bit more pronounced so that it can dig into whatever the hunter wants to shoot at the time. They’re definitely not for everyone, but for those who want to hunt bigger game, it’s a great option.

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  • Allows the user to take on bigger hunts than other bolts.
  • Uses sharp steel to have just as clean as a shot as other grains.
  • Bolts are able to have great accuracy at exceptional ranges.
  • No significant change in price when compared to other grains of bolts.
  • Will leave the target a lot messier on smaller hunts.
  • Broadhead may have varying results if you decide not to use an Excalibur bolt.

10. TenPoint EVO-X Montec: Best Fixed Broadhead for TenPoint Crossbows

TenPoint EVO-X Montec

The TenPoint EVO-X broadhead might be one of the simpler options you will see on the market, but that’s completely fine since it’s very effective at its purpose. The way the broadhead is designed creates blood trails so that game that you hunt is easier to track as you hit your target. The broadhead also uses a 3 bladed design which makes it a lot easier for you and other hunters to have consistent shots when you go out. This broadhead in particular is one of the easier ones to assemble, requiring no parts that you have to put together.

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  • Uses a 3 bladed design which is one of the simpler ones.
  • Cut on diamonds to have consistent, clean shots.
  • Uses great materials to prolong the quality of the broadhead.
  • The thinner broadhead won’t be as effective on larger targets.
  • Only uses 100 grain which leaves out those who want to use higher weights.

11. Muzzy Trocar: Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Hunting

Muzzy Trocar

Made by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the US, the Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead fits the hunting world perfectly. These broadheads are made of lightweight but strong aluminum, giving them unmatched reliability compared to similar brands.

The Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadheads are stabilized with 0.35” right helices to give you that much-needed confidence when hunting. Since the accuracy is field-point level, lethal performance is guaranteed. You do not have to doubt whether your arrows will penetrate and fell a target (game) or not.

Given the speeds of up to 400fps, these best broadheads are suitable for long-range hunting. This feature is further enhanced by the bone-shattering tip that guarantees maximum penetration without any noticeable damage on the ferrule.

The blades are sharpened to a razor-sharp definition, with a sufficient 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. You won’t get lost when trailing the blood; the diameter makes big cuts.


  • Universal bolts and broadheads compatible.
  • 1 3/16 cutting diameter.
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces.
  • Material: aluminum.
  • Bone-shattering tip.

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  • Blades can be replaced easily.
  • Aerodynamically optimized.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Has a bone-shattering tip for durability.
  • Affordable.
  • Takes time to group.
  • Blades often deform on entry.

12. Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads: The Most Accurate Crossbow Broadhead

Sinbadteck Hunting Broadhead

Designed for bow hunting and field practice, the Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads feature three 2.8” stainless steel blades. These blades are incredibly sharp and can deliver surgical precision in use. If you love hunting turkey, these broadheads are an excellent pick for you.

The broadheads are 100-grain, allowing them to achieve the ideal flight speeds for training. Since they come with a standard screw-in insert, you can use them with whichever crossbow or compound bow you may have with you. Even a beginner wouldn’t take time assembling them.

Sinbadteck Hunting Broadhead Blades have a solid hardened tip for better penetration. If you hit a deer, trailing it will be easy due to heavy bleeding. Still, the arrowheads are made of anodized aluminum, which is extremely hard and up to three times more durable than plain aluminum arrowheads.


  • 100-grain broadhead with 3 sharp fixed blades.
  • Anodized aluminum arrowheads.
  • Universal bolt-compatible.
  • Fixed-blade.

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  • Has a solid tip to resist impact.
  • Easy to assemble without tools.
  • Easy to shoot with, thus ideal for beginners.
  • Compatible with all compound bows and crossbows, as well as arrows of different sizes.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • The blades are not that durable.
  • Not designed for optimum durability.

13. Ramcat Pivoting Broadheads: Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Hunting Deer

Ramcat Pivoting Broadhead

The Ramcat Pivoting Broadhead is one of the world’s most accurate broadheads that flies similarly to a field point. It is a fixed-blade 100-grain pivoting broadhead that ensures the arrow continues driving after hitting the target.

These broadheads have deep lobes on the tip to create an airfoil to take care of the file-point accuracy. The result is a broadhead that doesn’t yield to wind planning, thus enhancing the accuracy. Ramcat didn’t stop at that- the broadheads have a concave scoop to further eliminate the effects of wind for a quiet flight.

The blades are .0032” rear-sharpened stainless steel. This back-cut technology allows a quiet flight and continues to devastate the target or the rear side after a no pass-through. The broadheads are thus ideal for deer, elk, and turkey hunting.

The Ramcat Pivoting Broadheads are cantilevered over the arrow. Together with the offset broadhead body, they create a vortex on impact and fly incredibly smoothly.


  • Silver material.
  • 100 grain – 1-3/8″ inch cut diameter.
  • Weight: 2.40 oz.
  • Array grip size.
  • Back cut and blade over shaft machined.
  • Pivoting broadheads.

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  • They are highly pivoting thus highly accurate.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Enhanced alignment and aerodynamics.
  • Standard bolt threads are easily replaceable.
  • Available in various shapes.
  • Rare cases of the blade bending on hitting bone.
  • Requires retightening.

14. NAP DK4: Best Hybrid Broadhead for Fast Crossbows


Designed for all archers, whether beginner or experienced, the NAP DK4 feature and hybrid-style broadhead. The main blade is designed to be pivoting, while the other two are mechanical bleeder blades. This setup provides maximum penetration potential.

If your arrow doesn’t send the target to the ground, there is still a big chance that the target won’t travel far before bleeding out. The two mechanical bleeder blades make deeper cuts that bleed profusely, allowing you to trail the animal.

The main blade is designed to preserve momentum by deflecting it whenever it hits a solid bone. This gives the arrow to deliver an excellent pass-through prowess.

The New Archery Products DK4 100 Crossbow Broadhead has spitfire spring clip technology for flight optimization. When shot, the spring will hold in the main blade while the bleeder blades open upon impact. This is to say that the arrow maintains a streamlined structure throughout the time of flight.


  • Splitfire spring clip technology.
  • 1 main blade and two bleeder blades.
  • Non-fixed blade construction.
  • Hybrid mechanical design.

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  • Better aerodynamics due to the auto-releasing bleeder blades.
  • Compatible with all fastest crossbows and compound bows.
  • Available in two configurations; 100- and 125-grain.
  • The steel-tipped ferrule resists deforming on impact.
  • Quite pricey.

15. Muzzy Trocar HBX: Best Four Blade Broadhead for Crossbows

Muzzy Trocar HBX

These broadheads combine the iconic Trocar tip and the extra-efficient Muzzy design to provide expandable blades that perform exemplary on both small and big game. There are only a handful of expandable blades that can do well for both small and bigger targets.

The Muzzy Trocar’s chisel tip is hardened for superior penetration and withstands the impact of hitting solid bones. The Trocar HBX differentiates from the rest in the family by combining a 1” fixed blade and two 1 5/8” center pivoting blades. These smaller but longer blades deploy on impact, creating a large wound for easier game trailing.

The blades are offset for the arrow shaft to reduce air resistance and preserve the momentum. This is why these broadheads are ideal for big and small targets.


  • 0.035″ mechanical blades.
  • Trocar hard-hitting tip.
  • Offset design.
  • 1 inch fixed blade.
  • 100- or 125-grain.
  • Two 1 5/8″ center pivoting blades.

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  • Flies smoothly.
  • Ideal for both small and big game targets.
  • The Trocar chisel tip is hardened for better penetration and durability.
  • A large cutting surface – 2 5/8″.
  • Offset blades enhance accuracy and stability during flight.
  • Blades are susceptible to bending.


Hunting can be really stressful and requires a lot of preparation to accomplish the goals that you have set out for the day. Generally, this list has a good amount of variety and you may want to use multiple of these broadheads when you go out hunting. You also have to keep money in mind. Not only do customers not have an endless supply of money, but buying the best products makes sure that the competition creates better broadheads. Just about any of these best crossbow broadheads will work for your hunts, but if you want something really heavy-duty, get the Excalibur Boltcutter. Our experts highly recommend you buy Rage Crossbow X and G5 Outdoors Montec.