Bow Hunting Gear – 11 Must-Have Accessories for A Bowhunting Trip

Must-have Accessories For Bowhunting

Bowhunting is becoming a hobby for backpackers and fitness individuals who want to do more during hikes. You must have the right bow hunting gear to ensure that your quest is successful. Moreover, you need accessories that will make your trip comfortable and increase your hunting accuracy. There are 11 essential bowhunting accessories that bow hunters need when outdoors. This article will tell you about each of them and why you need the accessories. Let’s dive into it.

11 Must-Have Accessories for A Bow Hunting Trip

1. Backpack

A backpack is an essential bow hunting gear because you can carry all crucial components. You can bring water, food, snacks, your clothes when it is warm and more. Your backpack should match your camouflage clothing to ensure the game doesn’t spot you. Go for something with multiple pockets for storing important stuff like water, binoculars, or other things you need easy access to them. Pack lightly by carrying what you need for your trip to avoid making the backpack heavier than necessary.

2. Hunting Binoculars

Hunting binoculars give a hunter better visuals for the game when in the open country. You can use binoculars to spot target games, look for shelter, or gauge the terrain. You can make an informed decision after getting the lay of the land when bow hunting. Keep your hunting binoculars close because you may need them several times. Ensure you carry binoculars cleaner to keep the lenses clear throughout.

3. GPS

It is easy to leave a trail when you spot a target game in the forest. It is even easier to lose your way when hunting down your game after hitting it. GPS comes in handy to help you locate where you are and how to get back to the nearest trail. Carry a map to guide you when you get lost in the wild. Carry extra batteries to keep the GPS working when you are on a trip for a couple of days.

4. Rangefinder

Spotting your ideal game is one thing. Getting an accurate shot is what makes hunting fun. A rangefinder will tell you the distance between you and the game. Some advanced rangefinders will tell you the speed of the moving game. Knowing the distance of your shot makes it easier for you to adjust your bow accordingly. Bowhunters have a better chance of hitting deer when they see the range of the shot.

5. Hunting Knife

A hunting knife can cut a lot of things when you are on a bow hunting trip. It is one of the top essential bowhunting accessories every bowhunter needs. Look for a knife with a rubber handle, which is waterproof and provides a good grip. Ensure your hunting knife is sharp and you have a sheath for storage. You will need a knife to cut rope, food, or skin the game you caught during your trip.

6. Hunting Flashlight

A hunting flashlight should be waterproof and easy to grip in different weather conditions. Carry extra batteries if you intend to stay in the wild for days. A flashlight can illuminate your way when it gets dark. It can also help you spot targets when you are hunting at night. Overall, please don’t start your trip without a flashlight because you don’t know when you will need it.

7. Camo Clothing

Camouflage will give you a considerable advantage because deer and other animals won’t spot you fast. You can stake out your target from a distance without being spotted. Camo clothing for hunting in a forest is different from apparel for hunting in grasslands. Pick a color that is closest to your terrain to ensure you blend into the surroundings. Ensure all your layering clothes are camo clothing to keep you out of sight.

8. Hunting Boots

Hunting boots are essential bow hunting gear because they keep your feet safe in the rough terrain. It would be best to have boots that fit well because you will be tracking your prey by foot. Also, wear woolen or synthetic socks because they have wicking properties. Cotton socks will make your feet cold or result in blisters because they retain moisture. Invest in high-quality boots that are waterproof and easy to clean after use. Also, you can opt for camouflage colors to keep you hidden from your prey.

9. Trail Camera

Trail cameras are excellent bow hunting accessories that allow hunters to spy on targets without spending hours outdoors. Nowadays, you can find trail cameras that are Wi-Fi that enables access to footage or pictures. Trail cameras have motion detectors that trigger video or photo capturing. You can learn the movements and habits of your target without spending time near your hunting ground. The camera should be durable and waterproof. Don’t forget to camouflage it during installation.

10. Tree Stand

Most bowhunters prefer to use a tree stand to keep an eye for targets from a vantage point. Tree stands keep hunters away from the eye level of animals, and it mutes their smell. Some frames are wide and come with a sitting cushion for comfort. It would be best if you used a harness when you are on a tree stand. Most hunting injuries come from hunters falling off a tree stand and they are severe because of the height. Choose a sturdy product that can hold your weight for long durations.

11. Ground Blind

A ground blind is an excellent bowhunting accessory for hunters who aren’t big fans of tree stands. Ground blinds are comfortable, and they hide you from your target. You will need to camouflage the blind with some shrubs when you are near a high-traffic area. Also, you have to leave one window open to stalk your target. Choose a durable and waterproof ground blind, especially when you go bow hunting for a couple of days.


Hunters need to be ready when they go out on a bow hunting trip. The proper bow hunting accessories will provide an advantage and make hitting the target achievable. You should buy high-quality accessories that will last and won’t break when you are hunting. You can get most of the accessories at a hunting or hiking store.

Try to camouflage colors to ensure everything you carry blends in with your surroundings. Wear layers of clothing because temperatures can drop when the evening approaches. A spacious backpack allows you to carry your clothes when you shed off some layers. If you are new to bow hunting, ask an expert to help you pick out your accessories.

If you are a beginner bowhunter, you need to read the bowhunting tips for beginners written by our expert to ensure you have a good and safe trip.