Crossbow Hunting 101 – Things You Need to Know

Crossbow Hunting 101

Crossbow hunting is legal in several states whose residents like to hunt wild games like deer when the season is right. You can use a crossbow for hunting if you are not a fan of firearms. Crossbows are useful tools when a user learns to use one right. It doesn’t take a lot of practice for a person to use a crossbow appropriately.

There are many brands of crossbows, and you can’t just pick one randomly for hunting. It is essential to find a crossbow that meets your needs. A Seasoned hunter who is transitioning from rifles can buy premium crossbows because they need them long term. A beginner can go for a cheaper option when starting until they know they like deer hunting.

Prepare Quality Gear for Hunting

Many companies produce budget-friendly bow hunting gear that is of high-quality. You cannot compromise quality for a lower price when selecting your first crossbow. Start at the local archery store and get recommendations on some of the best crossbows for beginners. Archery stores carry many brands, and you will be able to find something suitable. Don’t forget to buy accessories like a scope, arrows, broadheads, a rangefinder, a tree stand, and a quiver. Check with local game laws to see the minimum requirements of a deer hunting crossbow.

Regular Maintenance

Most local archery stores give essential lessons on how to handle a crossbow and the maintenance requirements. Each crossbow has a user manual to help beginners learn the parts and a list of crossbow maintenance tasks. Another way to learn how to take care of a crossbow is to watch videos online. You can find anything from cleaning crossbows to how to store a crossbow correctly after the hunting season. Overall, crossbows do not require intense maintenance activities to keep them in mint condition.

Choosing High-quality Arrows

Arrows play an essential role in helping you hit a target when hunting or practicing. Crossbow arrows are also known as bolts. It would be best if you bought heavier arrows for more accurate targeting when you are hunting. Ideally, bolts should have a 300-350 grain range if you intend to hunt deer with them. Don’t forget to check the construction material of the arrows. Sturdy materials will last longer and reduce the odds of crossbow arrows breaking in the field.

A Scope Sight is Necessary

Crossbows come with a scope sight, just like rifles for better targeting. Most crossbows come with pre-tuned scope sights, but you will need to fine-tune them for your needs. The average shooting range when hunting is about 40-50 yards. It would help if you did your fine-tuning at a shooting range starting with 20 yards. Learn how to adjust windage and elevation before you add some distance to your scope tuning. Overall, a crossbow scope is an essential tool when you are hunting in the open field.

Good Broadheads

There are two types of broadheads, namely fixed blades and expandable broadheads. Fixed blade heads have 4-5 sharp edges and a diameter of about 1.5 inches. Expandable broadheads have 3-4 sharp edges that expand when the arrow penetrates a target. They generally have a diameter of about 2.5 inches. It would be best if you hit vital organs on a deer to get some deer for your family successfully.

Understanding Arrow Trajectory

An arrow’s trajectory is different from the one of a bullet. An arrow travels downwards, and you need to estimate your trajectory to hit the target appropriately. Practicing at an archery range can help you better aim and master your crossbow’s arrow trajectory. Also, you have to understand the speed and energy of an arrow for better seeking. A good posture will help you get the right course when using a crossbow.

Know Your Gear

Take time to familiarize yourself with all parts of your crossbow and the accessories you need when hunting. It would not be useful if you went hunting and don’t even know how to load a crossbow. Take time to learn how to load and unload your crossbow. You can even attend archery lessons to know your gear before the hunting season. Alternatively, you can watch tutorials online and practice as a range.

Shop for a Good Rangefinder

A rangefinder estimates the range of your target to help you aim better. Practicing at an archery range can give you the necessary skills for aiming at 20-50 yards. A rangefinder will tell you the distance so that you can adjust your stance appropriately. Ask your local archery store personnel to recommend a suitable rangefinder for your crossbow. Use the rangefinder at an archery range to learn how to use it correctly.

Be Familiar with Basic Safety Rules

Crossbow safety rules a similar to firearm safety rules, and they can save you from serious injuries. A common mistake is storing a crossbow when it is loaded and ready to shoot. What happens is that you release the arrow at the wrong time. Another common mistake is people dry shoot a crossbow, which is a no-no.

Never leave your crossbow loaded when you are not using it. Don’t point the crossbow at something if you aren’t shooting. Always hold your crossbow in a downward position. Ensure the trigger is in safety mode whenever you store your crossbow. You can go for crossbow safety training or watch a video to be on the safe side.

Practice is Paramount

Regular practice is the only way you will become a pro at shooting using a crossbow. It would be best if you practiced at a range and outdoors before the hunting season. Shooting arrows in an archery range is different than shooting in an open field. Go out in an open area and practice shooting in various positions. You will find that shooting while lying on the ground feels different when using a tree stand. You will appreciate the time you took to practice when you hit your first deer.


Crossbows are becoming popular for beginners looking to join hunting parties. You can learn how to use a crossbow for fun or hunting purposes. Current models of crossbows are accurate and lighter than traditional ones. Beginners can find a budget-friendly first crossbow for practicing and hunting for the first time. Getting high-quality gear is imperative if you want to be able to shoot with accuracy. You will need a scope and rangefinder to help you hit your target successfully. Above all, you will have to learn how to use your crossbow by practicing competently.