Tips for Crossbow Maintenance

Crossbow Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for some tips for proper crossbow maintenance? If so, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the most important tips for crossbow maintenance.

A crossbow is a special firearm that provides a lot of advantages. Nevertheless, to make it last longer, you must take proper care of it. By regularly following some simple steps, you can keep the crossbow in its working position. To keep it in a working and good condition, you must do the following things, they are as follows.

1. Wax the String and Cables Regularly

Wax the String and CablesYou must wax the cables and strings regularly, look if there’s any snag, fraying, or thinning. If there’s anything that’s not normal, then the cable needs to be replaced. Also, apply the wax on cables if necessary.

The strings should also be as natural as possible just like you want your cables to be. Generally, the string is kept under lots of pressure and it can break and lead to a misfire. And even it can injure any person. To keep it good, you must apply the wax you apply on strings on the cable as well.

2. Lubricating the Rail

Ensure that rail is liberated from all the hindrances. Also, apply the lube wax as required.

3. Lubricating the Trigger Box and Exposed Mounting Bolts

While you have that crossbow lubricant with you, that’s why you must apply a few drops to molting bolts and the trigger box as well. Most especially, apply the lubricant to the bolts.

The lubricant will assist in protecting the mechanism and bolts from damage and corrosion from exposure to moist weather.

4. Carefully Inspect Your Crossbow and Arrows Before Every Use

You should not make use of the disfigured arrows as it can cause a scenario like dry fire, this can damage the crossbow.

Disfigured arrows can also make your shot off and disturb your target in place of giving a neat shot. The main piece where you can inspect is the nock because a damaged piece can lead to dry fire.

When you don’t use your crossbow, then you must keep it safely in a locker, and also it should be kept out of children’s reach. If you do not have a gun locker then you can keep it in a crossbow case too.

5. Keep An Eye On The Bowstring

You must keep an eye on the bowstrings to check if there’s any wear on tear on in. Most especially, you must check where the arrow is placed in the center.

In case, you find out that there’s something like separation of serving or breakage then you must replace the old string with the new one.

Moreover, if you forget to wax the string regularly, then its lifespan will be decreased by 20%. So, that is why we recommend you to keep a backup string with you, just in case!

6. Clean the Scope Lens

Clean the Scope Lens

As you use your scope so frequently that’s why it gets dirty with dust and fingerprints. So, after every single hunting trip, you must clean it to see clearly.

7. Get Rid of Dirt

If your crossbow has grit or dirt on it from your last hunting season, then you should make use of cotton cloth, water, and dish soap to wipe off those dirty parts. Also, remember to check the grooves in the fight rail and remove the debris.

8. Re-tighten All Bolts Periodically

A lot of hunting crossbows vibrate a lot when they are used. Also, as time passes, they lose nuts, bolts, and screws as well. So, keep in mind to tighten all the fixtures before every single trip.

9. Correct Crossbow Storage

Store the Crossbow

When the crossbow is not in use, then you must store the crossbow in a proper case and far away from all the chemicals and solvents.

Season by season, remember to check the cable and guide, limbs, arrow track, and arrows. When you will have all the knowledge about the maintenance of the crossbow and its safety then it will be of a lot of help to you.

10. Troubleshoot Common Crossbow Problems

In case you’re experiencing some problems with the crossbow, then you can check this list of all such common issues.

1. If the Arrows Don’t Fly Straight

Accuracy is most important when it comes to being the best crossbow hunter. Then what will you do if the arrows don’t fly the way they should fly? See if there is any damage to the fletches. If your arrow looks fine, then ensure that the right track doesn’t have debris and is waxed well.

And at the last, make sure that the arrow is straight. Because it’s possible that the shaft can turn a bit after a few hits.

2. If the Crossbow Is Losing Power

The very first thing that you should check is if your bow is losing power is checking the damage in limbs. If there is any damage, then you need to take it for a repair to make it alright before you shoot again.

Moreover, if the limbs are already alright then make sure that you replace them with a perfect sized string. If you’re unsure about the right string size, then you must recheck it. If everything is fine, then check if all the things are lubricated properly.

Also, make sure to lubricate the cams by using machine oil that is light in weight, cables, and strings by using string wax, and flight track by using lube wax.

3. Frayed Cables

Frayed cables are a result of regular wear and tear. You should lubricate your cables after every five to ten shots. Also, you should ensure that the crossbow stays lubricated.

And if they fray, then you must replace them!

4. If the String Jumps Above The Arrow

In case the string jumps above the arrow, then the very first thing that you should inspect is the nock of the arrow. If the nock is damaged, then replace it as soon as possible otherwise it can lead to dry fire. Moreover, keep an eye on all the details to replace the string.

5. String Doesn’t Latch Evenly

While you cock the crossbow, ensure that you pull it back evenly. If you fail to do it, then it can lead to an uneven string.

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Wrapping It Up

So, here we are at the end of this article and we are pretty sure that you are now aware of all the crossbow maintenance tips.