Top 10 Best Bow Sight Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Bow Sight Reviews

With plenty of bow sights brands and types on the market, you may find it challenging to choose the best option for your hunting needs. We have done the hard work for you to help you find the best bow sight for hunting.

After spending countless hours comparing different brands, we identified the most outstanding models. Every bow sight we have reviewed here is high quality, durable, solidly-made, easy to use, and gives good value for your money.

Here are the top 10 best bow sights that made it to our list.

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10 Best Bow Sight Reviews in 2021

1. IQ Micro 3 or 5 Pin Bow Sight: Best Overall

IQ Bowsight

When it comes to fixed pin bow sight, this bow sight by IQ is one of the best. We can recommend it to new users who plan to take their bow shooting to a new level.

One notable feature that puts the IQ Bow Sight Micro on the map is the retina lock technology that provides accurate long-range shots. With this technology, you will have confidence that your arrow will strike your target. For better strikes, align the green retina with the black dot on its center.

What’s more? The Micro has other great features, such as elevation micro-adjustment dials for easy and fast sighted-in. Lock in the adjustment with the locking knobs. If you are not a fan of the locking knobs, you can replace them with screws that come with the package.

The Micro comes in two models- 3-pin sight and 7-pin sight, with both having .019” fiber optic pins that are visible.

On the downside, this bow sight only features 2nd axis adjustment, but this might not be a problem if you don’t shoot from steep angles.

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  • It’s pretty affordable for the features it offers.
  • Features retina lock technology.
  • Has tool-free locking knobs to lock down adjustments.
  • It has 2nd axis adjustments.
  • From these bow sight reviews, there were complaints regarding quality control.

2. Trophy Ridge React Pro: Best 5 Pin Bow Sight for Hunting

Trophy Ridge React Pro

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 is an excellent bow sight for any bowhunter who is into simplicity. Its main outstanding feature is the React technology. This technology uses mathematical precision to adjust its five pins to an ideal location automatically. In addition, the glowing ring makes it easier for you to maintain the visibility of your target in low light.

Although quite pricey, the pin auto adjustment feature makes this bow sight worth the money as you will not have to worry about continually adjusting your pins when aiming a target at longer distances.

Adjusting the windage and elevation is easier as you need to loosen or tighten the thumbscrew. Using the React Pro 5 Pin from Trophy Ridge is easy.

Once you have sighted the two yardage marks, the bow sight sets all your indicators to 60 yards. And if you are not hitting the area the pin is hovering on, the bow sight forces you to assess other variables, including your bow, arrow rest, and form.

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  • It is available in right and left-hand usage.
  • Has an easy installation process.
  • Solidly made, thus durable.
  • It is excellent for low light.
  • React technology helps you to improve your variable.
  • It’s quite pricey.

3. TOPOINT ARCHERY: Best 3 Pin Bow Sight


This is one of the best 3-pin bow sights for the money, thanks to its critical functions and durability. The fiber optics are .029” as opposed to .019″ in most 3-pin bow sights, and this gives you better coverage making it easier for you to see the target.

Since, in most cases, you will not be shooting out a target that’s over 40 yards, the extra width should not worry you, especially considering that this bow sight is cheap.

One cool thing about this bow sight is the white windage as well as elevation marking. If you master how to use these markings, you will find out that they are pretty accurate and great for a windy day.

Another thing you will love when shooting with the Topoint Archery Sight is the three colorful pins. Two pins are green, and one is red. Each fiber optic pin has a diameter of 0.029,” and they always glow brightly, especially when in low-light condition.

You will also like the bright green bubble level that has two vertical bars for better accuracy. This feature will tell you when you are not holding your bow level and force you to adjust your position.

This bow hunting sight is made from a durable material (6061-T6) aluminum and thus can hold up to most drops and bumps.

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  • It has a lightweight and durable design.
  • It comes with a set of Allen wrenches.
  • And it can be adjusted to fit both left and right-handed shooters.
  • It is simple to mount and calibrate.
  • Adjustment requires one to use separate tools.
  • The bubble level tends to break off (you can glue it back on using clear epoxy glue).

4. Trophy Ridge React V5: Best Vertical Fixed Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React V5

The Trophy Ridge React V5 features the React technology to help improve accuracy by automatically aligning the pins in a predetermined way.

Designed for more experienced bow hunters, the React V5 has a 3rd-axis adjustment to help improve your accuracy in long-distance shooting, making it great for anyone who regularly hunts in wildernesses.

However, this bow hunting sight is relatively heavier than those in its category, but this is a trade-off for more resilience and durability.

Rheostat light combined with a glow in its dark ring offers excellent visibility in low light conditions. As with many Trophy Ridge sights, the React 5 is ambidextrous, which means both right and left-handed bowhunters can use it.

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  • Has React technology.
  • It is suitable for long-distance shooting.
  • Has good visibility in poor lighting.
  • This is robust.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.

5. Trophy Ridge React H5: Best Multi-Pin Bow Sight for Target Shooting

Trophy Ridge React H5

This is a mid-level fixed pin hunting bow sight and is popular with hunters who prefer an affordable multi-pin setup. This is designed more for hunting as opposed to those who are into long-range shooting.

Made from ballistic CoPolymer, a material that’s lighter and stronger than aluminum, you can rest assured that this bow sight will withstand knocks and falls.

Also, it features multiple mounting holes to help secure your sight to your riser. Therefore, if you would like to mount your sight closer to the riser or further ahead, this bow sight offers that option.

The React H5 comes with both vertical and horizontal pin configurations, with the size of the pins being .019.

Another outstanding feature is the rheostat light, which allows you to adjust pin brightness when shooting in different light conditions. The sight also features a 2nd axis adjustment to allow you to get an accurate sight housing level with the bow.

And the most outstanding feature of this bow sight by the Trophy Ridge is the React technology that sets pin gaps for you as long as you sight in two pins. This feature is tool-less, and all you need to do is twist the knobs.

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  • Has two adjustment pins.
  • Rheostat light to help you shoot in different light conditions.
  • React technology for automation.
  • Made of strong material.
  • It’s quite heavy.
  • Pins only have two colors.

6. Trophy Ridge Pursuit: Best Bow Sight for The Money

Trophy Ridge Pursuit

This is a single pin bow sight that comes at an affordable price. Designed for beginners looking to get started with bow sight usage, the Trophy Ridge Pursuit is solidly made and is a decent option for people looking for an affordable bow sight.

The Pursuit has a relatively simple design, and like most other single-pin sliders, this too is made from aluminum. To control this sight, you have to adjust the bass knobs- loosening the knobs moves the sight housing up and down while tightening the knob allows you to lock in at a distance.

In terms of weight, the Pursuit is one of the lightest single pin bow sights on the market. What’s more? It has a .019″ pin, which is standard for many single-pin sights.

It can be adjusted along the second and third axis, which is quite commendable. Making vertical adjustments is relatively more straightforward, but adjusting the windage can be a little bit challenging since you need to loosen it with a tool. Lack of calibration marks for windage adjustment makes things harder, but you will master how to set it with time.

Overall, the Trophy Pursuit is still one of the best entry-level sights and is great for those who value affordability and simplicity.

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  • It is solidly built thanks to the durable aluminum body.
  • It comes with both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability.
  • Glow indicator.
  • Rheostat side light offers a better view in low light conditions.
  • Ultra-bright.
  • Issues with windage adjustment.

7. HHA Optimizer Sight 5519: Best Compound Bow Sight for Archery Shooting

HHA Optimizer Sight 5519

HHA has been a dominant figure in the bow sight market for some time, and they are known to build quality and accurate bow sights.

The HHA Optimizer Sight 5519 is one of the 5500 series of single-pin bow sights they make and is great for both 3D shooters and hunters.

To start with, adjusting its micro knobs doesn’t require tools, which means you can conveniently move the sight housing as you see fit. The knobs are secure in place and thus won’t come out when you are in the field.

The moveable pin has .019″ fiber optics which works with the machine rheostat to improve brightness and visibility.

Another outstanding feature of the 5519 bow sight is the quality yardage tapes that allow you to set in five-yard increments up to 80 yards. The yardage tapes are the best in the industry and water-resistant too,

This bow sight is solidly made using aluminum and thus durable.

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  • Tool-less micro adjustment.
  • Vibration-resistant knobs.
  • Quality yardage tapes included for precision.
  • 5ft of .019″ fiber optics.
  • It is affordable.
  • Has limited range scale.
  • Lacks 3rd axis adjustment.

8. HHA Optimizer Lite 3019: Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Bowhunting

HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

Many hunters prefer a single-pin sight over the old multi-pin setup. The HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 is one of the best single pin sight models that can be used by 3D shooters and bow hunters alike. It’s easy to set up with micro-click adjustments, and the build quality is impressive. It can withstand a ton of abuse in the field and can take a lot of wear and tear.

It features RDS (range dial shoot) technology that determines the correct sight tape based on a two-distance calibration. The HHA Optimizer Lite has instructions with all their sights, making it easier to choose the sight tape. The sight tape of the Optimizer Lite gives you the ability to adjust your aim for a variety of distances. It is also easy to use, featuring a tool-free adjustment for your windage and elevation. The optimizer can take three different pin sizes, including .010, .019, and .029.

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  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • Offers tool-less micro-adjustments.
  • It has precise yardage tapes with 5 yards included.
  • Light or lenses cannot be attached.

9. TRUGLO Range Rover PRO LED Bow Sight: Best for Beginners

TRUGLO Range Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

The Range Rover Pro is sending archers over the edge with its new illuminated LED dot that replaces a pin as the aiming point, which works great for long shots. The green dot is centered in the middle and comes with 11 light settings to help in low light conditions.

The bow sight also features a zero-in adjustment dial rather than the regular mechanical action sliders, which allows you to smoothly bring the target into focus. This is among the best bow sight that comes with a locking knob to keep the dial in place. The Truglo Range Rover bow sight offers a large field of view to allow for wide viewing.

Additionally, the bow sight includes a quiver mount that is adjustable for both right and left-handed users. It also comes with an accessory lens kit that can be used with a 1.87″ scope to allow for magnification. The model features a micro-click design to provide accuracy for long shots.

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  • Features an illuminated green dot.
  • Has 11 brightness settings.
  • It offers a zero-in adjustment dial.
  • It has quality control issues.
  • It weighs over 1lb which is a heavy sight for some.

10. TRUGLO Pendulum: Best Bow Sight To Use On A Tree Stand

TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

If you are looking for a high-quality single-pin pendulum, sight, then this one from Truglo is one of the best. One of its nifty features is the shielded fiber optic and electronic light that’s on the body. The shielding helps to strike a balance between gathering light and protecting fibers.

There’s a violet light to illuminate the single pin, which can be removed in hunting areas that prohibit electronics. The pendulum has been calibrated to ensure precision up to 35 yards from an elevated position.

The wrapped fiber optics allows you to see your target in low light, or you can also adjust the rheostat light to see more clearly. The sight is designed to operate silently to avoid startling the prey. It’s also possible to lock the pendulum for superior accuracy. Overall, this is a solid pendulum that’s built to last and one that won’t dry out your pockets.

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  • It’s designed for comfort and versatility.
  • It is easy to adjust a single pin.
  • Offers a durable construction for all types of weather.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Left-handed shooters need to remove the screw before use.


Whether you are a beginner shooter or a pro hunter, a bow sight is a must-have tool if you want to have accurate shots. Bow sights are intended to help you shoot your targets with accuracy.

With the information we have presented to you in this guide, you should find the best bow sight for hunting that suits you.