About Us

Welcome To Linda Perhacs!

You might be wondering, “what makes a woman like this activity?” I am glad you asked!

I know you love the outdoors. So do I. In this activity, women are no worse than men, isn’t it? I love getting out in the mountains, jungles, and marshes to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. It can bring me an exciting experience.

As you know Bowhunting and all general archery fit nicely with autumn. But it’s also a great sport that doesn’t need to be confined to one season.

And it is an activity that suitable for anyone. Young or old, male or female, there’s a perfect equipment for everyone. On this blog, I will share all the things I learn about my experiences in the outdoors and the gear I’ve had the most success with.

If you like my blog, please share it with your family or friends. I’ll continue to expand and grow and we appreciate your ideas and comments anytime!