8 Must-have Bow Accessories For A Beginner Archer

Must-have Bow Accessories For A Beginner

Like any other hobby, Archery requires you to prepare the right accessories if you are to succeed. Whether you are new to it or making a comeback, it is paramount to have the right bow accessories. That is why you need to know what you need before buying them. Here is a list of must-have accessories for a beginner archer.

1. Arm Guard

An Armguard is one of the most valuable tools of hunting. It is a piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that you use as the protective gear on the arm holding the bow. It protects the arm from the string slap as you learn how to hold the bow in the right position. However, it is not for beginners only because anyone can use it to protect against injuries.

2. Release

The release is a device that helps learners release arrows more precisely. It is the one that guides the archer on when to release the arrows using a trigger. It works instead of the archer’s fingers to time the right moment of releasing the arrow. There are different versions of archery release aids. You need to find out the one that will work best for you.

3. Bow Sight

A bow sight is a circular housing that holds fiber optic pins that correspond to a certain range. You will need to place the pin on the target at the desired range. It helps the shooter to make an accurate shot when using the bow sight. You can change your sight depending on what you are targeting or the kinds of shooting you are doing. As you know, compound bow sights or crossbow scopes may have different features and designs across various models, you’d better pick a bow sight according to your needs.

4. Arrow Rest

An arrow rest is a device you can use to hold the arrow against the handle until you release it. You should use it to ensure the arrow does not slip out of the rest when stalking the game. It also has a mounting design and precision features. The device also has an elevation adjustment and is designed to ensure the arrow does not bounce back.

5. Rangefinder

Having the right rangefinder is essential in hitting the target at all times. There are different types of rangefinders in the market, and it will be good if you find one that fits you well. Some rangefinders have a tracking system that allows you to target more than one prey. Some of the rangefinders also come with built-in artificial intelligence technology. You will learn how to focus very fast when you have something to assist you to know the right range.

6. Quiver

A quiver is a portable container for carrying and protecting your arrows. It comes in different forms and sizes; some with skeleton shapes to provide plenty of space. It is a lightweight device that can also have a tube shape to make it easy for you to access arrows. It will be better for you to choose a light quiver to carry with you as a beginner. Most quivers will have a belt to tie along your waistline. You can customize your quiver to the colors and designs of your choice.

7. Bow Stabilizer

The purpose of having a bowl stabilizer is to ensure your bowl is stable when shooting. With a stable bow, it is easier for you to hit the target. A good bow stabilizer should also have a sound and vibration dampening device. The stabilizer adds some weight to the bow’s front side and helps the bow to remain stable as you pull the trigger. It also eliminates hand shock. Many beginners find their hands shaking as they try the accessories. That is why it is better to use a stabilizer as a beginner.

8. Archery Target

Every archer needs to practice more and perfect their shooting accuracy. That means there is a need for a good target. Your archery target can be in different shapes and sizes, like a bag target. You will need to choose a durable target to help you improve your skills. As a beginner, you need a target that will stand many shots to practice as much as possible.

Before deciding which of the accessories to buy when you are new, it will be good to seek help. Buying the items when you are not sure which one will help you achieve what you want and how best to use them will be a waste of money. However, it will be easy for you when you are guided on the right equipment and learning will also be faster. You must know what bow accessories are essential.