11 Tips for Deer Hunting with a Crossbow

Deer Hunting Tips

Hunting is not easy as there are numerous factors into play. That is why you need to be fully prepared before you undertake your next hunting venture. It doesn’t matter if you are a skilled buck hunter or a novice; these tips will come in handy on your next hunting venture.

1. Technique

A hunting success relies on how well the hunter knows the game and the technique that they use. That is the case when you are on the hunt, on a big game like a deer. When hunting a large quarry, stand-hunting and still hunting are the two main techniques you can use when you are planning on hunting. Take the time to learn about each and what it entails.


The use of stand hunting is not easy, but you can make it as long as you find a suitable space to stand. However, for this technique to work, you will need to find a suitable spot. The best spot to use is the one that will help in hiding your body as well as the body odor from the buck. When you use this option for a hunt, you can choose to sit in an area where there you can hide. Try and hide using the tees of a ground blind spot. If you want to get a broader array, choose a suitable tree to use as a platform. The best time to use the ground blinds is in a hilly area. That will give you an effortless time when you are standing.

When you choose the space you will use, ensure you have some clear firing lanes. Even if you are in a great spot and see the bucks, as long as you cannot shoot, this will not benefit you in any way. Have a clear sight and space for you to hunt.


Just as the name suggests, still-hunting is where you make your deer hunting while making as minimal movements as possible. When you are using this technique, you can choose to wait while sitting or standing. It does not matter the position you choose, it needs to give you a sight of the deer and also allow you to shoot without being seen.

With this hunting option, the trick is to be patient. Deer’s eyes are sharp, and if you make any sudden movement, they will see you. If you lay still and make a step after a few minutes, they might not notice you, thus, it is the way you can use the stalking technique to get your first deer.

2. Know The Ground

Hunting a deer sounds easy, but with the deer’s high sense of smell and hearing, it can be challenging to stalk it. Besides, it is not easy to stalk in the forest with all the dry leaves and the twigs. The best time to use this technique is during light rain. That is when the forest floor is not crunchy. Besides, the rain will cover the noise you make, and it will also help mask your scent. That will make it easy for you to sneak to the deer.

3. Best Time To Hunt

Dears are known to move when it is closer to dark. That makes the best time for deer hunting late afternoon or very early before sunrise. The easiest time to hunt is during the rut or the breeding time. But, the rut will only last for two weeks, and you will need to take advantage of this season.

4. Scent Control

The noses of the deers are known to be stronger than the person’s nose. Thus, they will dictate the body smell miles away and hide even before you see them. That is why you need to consider the direction of the wind and position yourself appropriately.

5. Deer Hunting Clothes

Most people try to get the best camouflage clothes they can get. But given the high sense of sight and smell, it might be less of a priority. Since you will be hunting very early in the morning or late at night, you should find comfortable and warm clothes.

6. Choose The Right Crossbow

There are many crossbows on the market, making it a challenge to choose the one that suits you. If you intend to get near to the buck, it is best to choose a crossbow for deer hunting that shoots at a close range.

7. Shooting Technique

Once you have settled on the crossbow, you will be utilizing it for your hunt. You need to understand the essential aspects of shooting. The technique you use will help ensure that you get the whitetail deer. The last thing you need is to shoot only to injure the animal.

How to Sight in a Crossbow

When dealing with a crossbow for deer hunting, you will need to think of different components like the elevations, reticles, dots, and windage. It is essential to make sure that your crossbow offers you accuracy.

Shooting Practice

It is essential for you to maintain a shooting practice routine as it will help you understand how to properly use the cocking device. The first thing to note when learning how to hunt whitetail deer is to take the time to practice.

8. Make The Wind Your Friend

As stated earlier, deers have a high sense of smell. Thus, you need to be cautious about how you strategize the hunt. You can place yourself in the direction the wind is blowing and help keep the scent off the deer. That will help ensure that the deer does not run off when they get your scent.

9. Aim for Low Scores in Predictability

When doing your deer hunting, you should not rely on predictability. Note that what works today might not work tomorrow. As the hunting season proceeds, the deer will be more conscious of the hunting patterns. Thus, making it difficult for you to find it during the game.

10. Know The Law

Note that there are hunting seasons and regulations for a reason. That is why before you start the hunting project, you need to make sure that you understand the law. That way, you will not end up in trouble with the law. The law is also there to protect the animals from preventing suffering and ensuring that you do what is best for the deer.

11. Take An Ethical Shot

You need to learn about hunting and the hunting method. Hunting a buck is not a project that you should do carelessly. You need to ensure that you limit the suffering as much as you can. That is why you need to take the time to learn the best technique to ensure that you limit the suffering of the deer by taking an ethical shot. In as much as you might be hunting for food, you need to make sure that the process is as ethical as possible. It is best to aim to kill and make the process as fast as possible.


Hunting is a big and complex subject, but like everything else, you need to master the skill. Even if you are new in the venture, you should note the more you practice, the better you get at it.