A tribute to some of the people who have been inspired by Linda, and those who have inspired Linda. More to follow...

Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt about Linda --


"Well, I love Linda through her music. I met her once in LA (House of Blues) and she was amazing. I just want to do everything I can so that she gets more recognition. For me, she is up there with Joni Mitchelle and Laura Nyro and Buffy Saint Marie. Very, very unique! She is my idol basically--"

Linda about Mikael--

When I saw Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth perform my song “Parallelograms” at the House of Blues in Hollywood a few years ago, I was so amazed. He is like the Great Nordic wind doing a low voiced Wahaaahhhhhh!!! Combined with the biggest, warmest heart you could imagine! What a combo!! Step aside, ladies, here comes a true Norseman! While my music is like soft delicate rain, his is magnum powered! And yet, in talking with all of them after their set at the House of Blues, there is a vibe: an invisible essence you feel when someone knows and respects the natural forces of the universe--- like the balances and the winds and mountains and waters etc. He has this deep essence in him. It is a quietness and respect people feel for one another when this unspoken essence is in them. He is a true brother and a friend forever. 

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Devendra Banhart & Linda Perhacs

First meeting between Linda and Devendra- Linda had heard that Devendra was a fan, and Linda had to meet this wonderful person. They are now close friends. 

Linda about Devendra--


I love working with Devendra and his close group as friends and musicians---- the spirit there around Devendra and his friends is to live and breath music! The friendship is deep and soulful and everyone who comes there feels refreshed. Charisma and mystic are words often used to describe an essence we do not always fully understand. I feel it is the measure of the amount of pure soul energy flowing deeply through a persons life--- and, in Devendra, this deepness of soul is so immediately evident in his eyes and throughout his whole life style. When you look at him, you know he is an older soul in the early part of this life. He is very advanced in his tastes and perceptions, and when you hear his music, or see his artwork or when you are around him, you sense that he longs to ultimately express so much more and more and more of the reservoir inside him. Devendra’s music and his artwork and live performances as well as the delight of recording with him and all his closest friends and musicians, what all of us are really experiencing is the total ambiance of his soul, that is both deep and sensitive with a generosity of spirit to all that is very unusual and the composite of all these textures is what draws people to him, and it is genuinely deserved by him, for he is truly unique! 

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Daft Punk


Daft Punk's "Electroma" featured Linda's song, "If You Were My Man". Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter released "Electroma" at the Cannes Film Festival in May, 2006.  Like Daft Punk's music videos, Electroma is stunning to watch. It's vivid visions are well composed, pristine, and electrifying. They are so compelling that they make the lack of dialogue a non issue, yet there's a glaringly apparent existential crisis at the film's core concerning the true nature of identity and its conflict with social regulations. After reviewing her copy of "Electroma" given to her by Daft Art's producer, Paul Hahn, Linda wrote a wonderful review back to Paul about the film and what she gathered from the content. Paul's commemt to Linda was "She GOT it!!" The musical score for Walt Disney's "Tron Legacy" was done by the Grammy award winning electronic duo, Daft Punk. In 2006, Daft Punk released their film, "Electroma" at the Cannes Film Festival. Linda's song, "If You Were My Man" was included in that film!

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