I apologize deeply to all of you for having to cancel the European Tour, but in mid May, 2014, I took a bad fall which resulted in a return of some of the neck problems I had prior to my neck surgery in 2007. This surgery was to protect my neck and the movement of my arms, etc by placing a titanium implant for neck support, donor bone and fusions. It is a surgery designed primarily for athletes, especially football players. It is a reparative surgery to prevent injury to the spinal column and nerves down the back etc. I immediately went to the emergency room at Kaiser Hospital where they took head and neck MRI’s and blood samples, etc and they have referred me to the specialist that takes care of these things at Kaiser. Once again I apologize to all of you, but singing as well as the movement to my arms is involved here and is the reason I had to cancel any extensive travel at this time and review all of this with my physicians.

Send lots of prayers, I will miss you all!