For those who missed the Topanga Folk Fest Sunday, 10/26, you really missed out on just why Topanga Canyon is such a wonderful place for real, live Folk Music! Playing there last night just reminded me of how wonderful this canyon is with all the artists who live and work there- many fantastic songs and great pieces of art and photography from here have worked their way into Los Angeles and beyond! The canyon isn't stuffy or overly pretentious and everyone with love in their heart and a curios nature are welcome to explore and join in on all the things that make Topanga Canyon, Topanga Canyon! It is a great place to go just to feel welcome somewhere for a change! Many thanks to Amit Galad and his crew for putting this on, Thanks go to My wonderful crew of fantastic musicians, Emilia, and Laurel Stearns Dillatante who without them, none of this could have been done without major stumbles on my part! So, remember, the next time you hear of the Topanga Folk Fest, do come out and see the REAL Topanga Canyon as I remember it! You won't regret it!